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Development Services

Our experienced engineers develop tailor-made solutions to your requirements and specifications.

The Challenge

To develop a complex IoT or software solution on a tight deadline with stretched resources and a limited budget – this is the challenge our clients usually are faced with when they come to seek our support. Due to our background in software engineering, telecommunications and IT, and the energy & industrial sectors, we understand the challenges of developing hybrid, distributed, industry-grade but affordable solutions. And usually we can help.

Our Approach

We know that developing an IoT solution is much more than writing and maintaining source code or integrating hardware and software components into a distributed system. It includes conceiving, programming, integrating, documenting, testing and bug fixing. But, it may also include modification, reuse and re-engineering. For certain, it includes tight quality assurance, management and control. This is why we have experts on board for all these disciplines.

We also know that there are many development life cycle models, methodologies and processes including the traditional waterfall model, contrasted with the more recent innovation of agile development. We have applied all of them, and we know that we have to select the most appropriate approach on a project-by-project basis together with our client.

Our Services

Do you prefer the Creation or the Creators?

Some prefer a great dinner (“Creation”) at a 3-star restaurant, others support from a chef and his team (“Creators”) when preparing a feast at home? There is no right or wrong. Just preferences.

Same here: We develop and deliver great solutions to our clients’ requirements and specifications. Turn-key with warranty and support. Also, we provide managed teams of engineers, developers and quality managers to support our clients in developing their solution themselves. Our staff can be located on-site with the client, in our offices in Switzerland or Germany, or in our development center in Belgrade. Our clients choose.


For a German multinational engineering and technology company, icentic’s managed team of architects, developers, DevOps experts and quality managers develops core components of a Smart Metering Rollout and Operations Platform.

As part of the client’s Industrie 4.0 initiative of a German manufacturer and service provider of communication and automation solutions, icentic developed key components of the client’s innovative Smart Manufacturing Support System.

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