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Solution Design

We help you to determine the architecture, technologies and implementation plan of your target solution.

The Challenge

Most IoT solutions are distributed systems. These systems are exposed to the unpredictable, asynchronous and highly diverse nature of both, the physical world (“things”) and the virtual world (“Internet”). Challenges include processing, communication and transmission issues as well as distributed agreement problems and system heterogeneity.

Designing IoT solutions adds a new layer of complexity to the already difficult problem of application software design. This makes IoT Solution Design a complex multidisciplinary and multidimensional activity.

Our Approach

Together with our client, we set the cornerstones of the future solution by determining both, the solution architecture and technology as well as the project schedule and organization for its development and implementation.

Our Solution Design team includes architects, senior developers and subject matter experts who work tightly with the client’s key staff including the solution owner and/or product manager. Our lead architect pulls together all the pieces of the puzzle and is the single point of accountability for the architectural and technology decisions. The solution design team works iteratively on the solution development and implementation plan to determine success criteria, goals and objectives, timelines and milestones, and resource and budget requirements.

Finally, we present the results to the client to seek acceptance of the solution architecture and technology choices as the foundation for the next phase: development and implementation.


For a German alternative energy services provider, icentic’s architects and subject matter experts designed and specified all measurement concepts and the required connectivity architecture for the client’s residential and industrial smart energy services enabling an ecosystem of development teams to implement the respective services.

For one of the leading companies in metering products, systems and services in EMEA, icentic’s architects designed and prototyped a new, flexible data management method for their next generation of electricity meters.

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