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Our Services

Our experts are committed to deliver a wide range of services to create your IoT solution. We adapt our engagement model to your needs: from turn-key engineering projects and end-to-end solutions to providing managed teams and senior experts to complement and strengthen your organization.

Digitalization & Innovation

We specialize in crafting and refining your digitalization strategy, alongside innovating your business models. Our expertise ensures tailored solutions that harness the latest technologies and data-driven insights, empowering your organization to thrive in the digital age.

Requirements Engineering

Our mission is to assist you in translating your visionary ideas into actionable plans by providing clear, consistent, and comprehensive specifications for your future solutions. With our support, your aspirations are transformed into tangible strategies, ensuring alignment with your goals and facilitating the seamless execution of your projects.

Solution Design

We specialize in assisting you with defining the architecture, selecting technologies, and outlining the implementation plan for your target solution. Our expertise ensures a clear and effective roadmap, empowering you to navigate complexities with confidence and achieve your objectives seamlessly.

Development Services

Our skilled engineers craft customized solutions precisely aligned with your requirements and specifications. With a wealth of experience, we ensure every detail is meticulously addressed, delivering results that meet your needs with precision and efficiency.

Support Services

We offer exceptional support services aimed at guaranteeing that your newly developed solution meets and exceeds your expectations. Our dedicated team ensures seamless performance, addressing any concerns promptly to uphold the standards of excellence you deserve.


In over thirty projects we have developed collective knowledge and experience in utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to create IoT and software solutions for you. We keep adding experts to our team to continuously enhance our technology, process and domain specific knowledge.


Partnerships with leading vendors strengthen our competitiveness and further widen our solution creation tool set.

Why Choose Us?

  • You will benefit from our experience in IoT and software engineering.

  • You can rely on our know-how and delivery capabilities of our experts.

  • You will find us to be proactive, service-oriented and nice to work with.

  • You will enjoy the high quality of our services, timely delivery and attractive pricing.