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Smart Energy

We create Smart Energy solutions that enable clients to provide innovative energy management services and reduce the carbon footprint by optimizing energy consumption.

“For several years, icentic has been a valuable and highly performant engineering partner who supports us in developing innovative Smart Energy solutions. We benefit from their exhaustive expertise in software development and in-depth knowledge in Smart Metering. We at Bosch.IO like them for their service-oriented, “can do” attitude which makes our close cooperation smooth and easy.”

Smart Metering Solutions

Smart meters are being deployed throughout the world to record consumption of energy and communicate data to energy suppliers and other utility company for monitoring, billing and control purposes.

Consumers can access this data easily allowing them to monitor and optimize energy consumption and cost. Utility companies benefit from tracking usage across their grids to better determine costs and infrastructure needs.

icentic helps its clients to create innovative Smart Metering solutions that

  • improve Smart Meter technology
  • support Smart Meter roll-outs, asset management and operations,
  • help to collect and analyze data easily, and
  • enable flexible pricing models and innovative smart energy services.
Typically, companies seek our guidance and support in identifying and selecting the best business opportunities, shaping feasible implementation plans and executing these successfully. Example: For a listed European metering and switchgear corporation, icentic developed a new corporate strategy, the investment/divestment approach and innovative business models for several business units.

Energy Management Solutions

With IoT technology, Things like smart meters, air conditioning systems, photovoltaic systems, stationary batteries, heat pumps, pool pumps, and electric car charging boxes as well as many other sensors and actors can be connected easily over the Internet.

This allows electricity suppliers, utility companies and service providers, industrial and commercial prosumers (= energy producers + consumers), and campus and facility managers to acquire huge amounts of data and process it using state-of-the-art analytics and AI technology..

The derived information and intelligence can be used to enable innovative smart energy services and run energy system as well as distribution networks more efficiently, including early detection of irregularities and preventative repairs to minimize or prevent outages.

Using its Service Enablement Platform ICEHUB® as well as its partners’ commercial IoT products, icentic successfully creates Smart Energy solutions for its clients enabling them to use and provide innovative Smart Energy services to residential, commercial and industrial prosumers.

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